Sustainability Governance

All levels of our Company, from our policies and procedures to our programs and value chain, are rooted in sustainability. A sustainability governance model has been established as a foundation for developing sustainability strategies and targets that touch each part of the Company. 

Chief Executive Officer  

  • Key participant in the decision-making process around 云顶集团糖果游戏’s global sustainability strategy. 
  • Reports directly to the Board of Directors.  

Board of Directors 

The Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee

  • Reviews and assesses the Company’s ESG programs, policies and practices. 
  • Makes recommendations to the Board to further the sustainable growth of the Company’s businesses. 

The Audit Committee

  • Reviews 云顶集团糖果游戏’s detailed ESG disclosures, reports and audits.  

Vice President of Global Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs

  • Leads sustainability initiatives, including the environmental management program. 
  • Drives accountability and performance in meeting 云顶集团糖果游戏’s sustainability goals and identifies innovative ways to manage operational risks and opportunities related to climate change. 
  • Reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer and regularly updates the Board of Directors and/or its Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee and Audit Committee. 

Global Executive Sustainability Committee 

  • Makes strategic decisions related to ESG sustainability and guides daily activities to help the Company meet its goals. 
  • Composed of 云顶集团糖果游戏’s Chief Operating Officer; Vice President of Global Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs; Director of Sustainability and other executives from investor relations, technology development, procurement, human resources, EHS, risk management and legal.  

Risk Management Team 

  • Elevates and appropriately assigns risks to be addressed and mitigated at an operational level by designated teams within the Company. 
  • Where appropriate, elevates risks directly to the Chief Executive Officer, who determines whether further evaluation by the Board is necessary. 
  • Includes local plant management champions for on-the-ground sustainability efforts, including in the communities in which we operate.