Our Values

7 male presenting people collaborating and talking around a sample of a beverage can.

No matter where we are in the world, there are five values that define our organization’s culture. These values remain steadfast even as we evolve our product portfolio and expand our geographic footprint to better serve customers. They also inspire the decisions we make daily as well as our future goals and plans.

Put People First

Our global workforce is the key to our success. As such, we have built a Total Safety Culture that provides the framework for all health and safety initiatives across the Company and empowers employees to take a proactive role in their safety and that of their peers.

We also support the well-being of our employees and their families outside the walls of our facilities with a variety of physical, mental and social wellness programs. As part of this focus, we place a priority on employee development, offering a mix of learning opportunities including work experience, coaching, training and education.

A male-presenting person wearing shop gloves, safety glasses, and ear protection smiles towards the camera while working in a shop.
A pair of reading glasses sits on an open notebook next to a pen and a laptop on a desk.

Govern Ethically & Responsibly

We operate in the spirit and letter of the law, upholding high ethical standards wherever we conduct business. We maintain and regularly review our governance principles, policies and practices for the purpose of meeting or exceeding current legal requirements and commercial best practices.

Operate Sustainably

Sustainable practices permeate our entire Value Chain, including the way we operate our facilities and manufacture our products, how we support our employees and communities and our engagement with suppliers. We are proud of our continued progress in reducing our use of materials and resources and decreasing energy consumption even as our manufacturing footprint grows and production volumes increase. In 2020, we made a commitment to accelerate our sustainability progress with the launch of our Twentyby30 initiative, which outlines 20 measurable Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals to be completed by or before 2030.

An overhead view of a forest, with the Twentyby30 logo overlayed.
Man in safety vest in plant where aluminum cans are on conveyor belt

Commitment to Quality

Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. Our products play a critical role in protecting our customer’s products and their brand image and help influence consumers at the point-of-sale. That is why we have built an integrated, global manufacturing approach designed to ensure high quality by continuously improving the performance and cost-effectiveness of all our products and processes.

Innovate Every Day

Maintaining our position as a top global supplier requires constant innovation, determination and a deep understanding of customer and market needs. We remain inspired by our founder, William Painter, who revolutionized the beverage industry with the invention of the crown cork (now known as the bottle cap) and driven by a desire to help customers make a meaningful impact with their brands through packaging. Today, our metal packaging technologies boost shelf appeal, enhance convenience and spur consumer engagement – all while enhancing production efficiency and being environmentally-friendly. Our Transit Packaging Division is also focused on innovation, developing solutions for reducing and reusing packaging materials as part of a long-term strategy to optimize efficiencies and enhance the sustainability of the supply chain.

A pallet full of aluminum cans being moved in a warehouse.